All’s well that ends well Which shows have you seen that seemed to end a little too abruptly and conveniently? Tell us here!

Many enter… not everyone leaves Have you worked on a play in Development Hell? Tell us about it here!

We’re all in this together Do you have a “Devised Theatre” story? Join the conversation!

Double Take

Double take—no, it’s not why all those Enron execs were put in jail. Who did the funniest double take you’ve ever seen? Tell us here!

Haven’t I seen you somewhere before? What’s the greatest example of an actor playing multiple roles in one show that you’ve ever seen? Tell us here!

I know something you don’t know! Can you recall the last time you saw an example of dramatic irony onstage? Tell us here!

Helping hands Have you ever worked with a dramaturg? Tell us here!

Dry Tech

The show must go on…without the actors Have you ever been through an epic dry tech? Tell us here!

You’ve gotta get up to get down. What does Upstage/Downstage mean to you? Join the conversation!