The Scottish Play

This play is cursed! Do you believe in this curse? Have you seen it in action? Join the conversation!


Hide in plain sight Can you recall a particularly effective use of a scrim on stage? Tell us here!


I love you… until Act Two. Do you have a “showmance” story? Join the conversation!


Sides… they do more than come with your entree What are you best audition stories? Tell us here!

stage left house left

Point us in the right direction. Have you ever gotten confused by these directions? Join the conversation!


Workers unite (to take down the set!) What’s your favorite strike story? Have a different definition? Join the conversation!


Be careful not to break a leg What’s the most difficult stumble-through you’ve ever survived? Tell us here!


Don’t speak! What’s your all-time favorite dialog-free musical? Tell us here!


It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got a swing Do you have a different definition? Have you BEEN a swing? Join the conversation!