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What’s that you’re saying? Have you ever ad libbed in a show? Or seen a perform ad lib during a performance? Tell us here!

Ladies and gentlemen, Shakespeare and his peers have left the building. Have you ever come across Latin stage directions while doing a show? Tell us here!

Wait for it… As a performer, have you ever been told to “hold” at a really awkward moment while rehearsing? Tell us here!

Repeat after me Has a director or playwright ever given you a specific way of saying a line? Tell us here!

Is this sentence performance art? (Maybe!) What does performance art mean to you? Tell us here!

Ready, set, you’re on! Have you ever seen an understudy who particularly impressed you? Tell us here!

Hello! Over here! Have you ever seen an actor ruin a scene by egregiously grabbing all the attention? Tell us here!