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Let there be spotlight Have you ever worked in a booth or done other theatre tech? Tell us here!

No need for a doctor in the house–this broken leg’s lucky Has anyone ever wished you something other than break a leg before a performance? Tell us here!

Put on your dancin’ shoes! Have you used character shoes? What’s it like?Tell us here!

Look over here! (Sort of!) Have you had an experience on stage with Cheating Out? Tell us about it here!

Send in the clowns–the hilariously outrageous ones Have you ever performed in a Commedia dell’arte-style show? Tell us here!

Many enter… not everyone leaves Have you worked on a play in Development Hell? Tell us about it here!

Double Take

Double take—no, it’s not why all those Enron execs were put in jail. Who did the funniest double take you’ve ever seen? Tell us here!

Haven’t I seen you somewhere before? What’s the greatest example of an actor playing multiple roles in one show that you’ve ever seen? Tell us here!

Those Actors Can SEE YOU! Do you have a “fourth wall” story? Join the conversation!

Don’t Be Scared… It’s just a Ghost (Light) How do you define ghost light? Have you ever seen one? Join the conversation!