Welcome to the Theatre Dictionary’s conversation about the term cue-to-cue.

On cue-to-cue’s official page, we define the term as a rehearsal that jumps from one technical cue to the next, skipping the dialogue in between. But now we want to know what the term cue-to-cue means to you. You can use the comments section to tell us.

— Have you ever been involved in a cue-to-cue rehearsal as a performer? What’s the strangest acting jump you had to make?

— Did you ever work tech during a cue-to-cue? What’s the biggest challenge you encountered?

If you’d like to make a video of your own about the term cue-to-cue, then we’d love to hear from you! Just email us through our contact page. Tell us about yourself and why you want to make a video. We’ll be in touch ASAP and give you details on how to add your video to the Theatre Dictionary!


Mark Blankenship, Theatre Dictionary editor