Welcome to the Theatre Dictionary’s conversation about the term Ghost Light.

On Ghost Light’s official page, we’ve defined Ghost Light as “a light that’s left on stage when the theatre is not in use”.

But now we want to know what Ghost Light means to you. You can use the comments section to

— suggest additional definitions

— tell us your favorite Ghost Light stories (Have you ever walked into a theatre with a Ghost Light on? Do you think they really invite ghosts into the theatre, or you think they scare them away?)

— link to other sites or videos that seem Ghost Light-appropriate

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Mark Blankenship, Theatre Dictionary editor

  • I think ghost lights are a necessary and simple safety tool.
    No fatalities…no ghosts!
    A ghost light keeps folk from being impaled by pipe battens or falling into orchestra pits or traps.

  • HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Never seen anything so funny!