Welcome to the Theatre Dictionary’s conversation about the term Peas and Carrots.

On Peas and Carrots’ official page, we’ve defined Peas and Carrots as “the words actors mumble when they imitate the murmur of the crowd”.

But now we want to know what Peas and Carrots means to you. You can use the comments section to

— suggest additional definitions

— tell us your favorite Peas and Carrots stories (Have you ever had to mime a conversation on stage? Have you ever seen actors mouth these words onstage?)

— link to other sites or videos that seem Peas and Carrots-appropriate

If you’d like to make a Peas and Carrots video of your own, then we’d love to hear from you! Just email us through our contact page. Tell us about yourself and why you want to make a video. We’ll be in touch ASAP and give you details on how to add your video to the Theatre Dictionary!


Mark Blankenship, Theatre Dictionary editor

  • Ale

    What a horrible video for the definition of peas and carrots . The definition is fine but my god do you realize I’ve gone out of my way to watch a video for what I thought was an actual example of ‘peas and carrots’ and you guys can’t give us an actual sound byte of what that sounds like and instead make the most ridiculous video editing out the sound of what it’s supposed to sound like . And this is a dictionary ????? You guys must have made this video to get people like me (who are not normally roused to the point of ever writing a comment on any kind of online blog or social media etc but I’m this annoyed by your video) to write comments so you can get more heat on the Internet rankings … I can’t think of another explanation. My god I’m probably going to have to sign up to post this comment since I don’t Ever post… please post a new video with an actual example thanks