The Scottish Play

Welcome to the Theatre Dictionary’s conversation about the term Scottish Play.

On Scottish Play’s official page, we’ve defined Scottish Play as “a nickname for Shakespeare’s Macbeth“.

But now we want to know what Scottish Play means to you. You can use the comments section to

– suggest additional definitions

– tell us your favorite Scottish Play stories (Why do you think the title Macbeth is cursed? Have you ever experienced the curse in action?)

– link to other sites or videos that seem Scottish Play-appropriate

If you’d like to make a Scottish Play video of your own, then we’d love to hear from you! Just email us through our contact page. Tell us about yourself and why you want to make a video. We’ll be in touch ASAP and give you details on how to add your video to the Theatre Dictionary!


Mark Blankenship, Theatre Dictionary editor

  • Sarah D. Bunting

    Hey, I’m Sarah, the hammy dame on the left up there. Funny story (…to me): The day we filmed the, um, S.P. short, I went on a date with my now-boyfriend, who’s an actor, and he asks how my day was, so I tell him about the filming and all the terms we were covering blah blah. And…I notice he’s kinda squirmy, like he has to pee. “Dirk? Would you…like to go outside and spit?”

    He would. And he did. He could not take it.