Welcome to the Theatre Dictionary’s conversation about the term Showmance.

On showmance’s official page, our friends at Actor’s Express defined showmance as “a romantic relationship between two theatre people… lasting exactly as long as the show with which they’re both involved.”

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Mark Blankenship, Theatre Dictionary editor

  • when i was cast as hyacinth in scapin at ACT in san francisco i became fast friends with the guy cast as octave. during that time there was a showmance forming in another company play between two actors we both knew. we talked about it a bit and agreed that it’s bad. it’s bad for the relationship since you’re usually falling in love with the character, not the actor and it’s really bad for the show. once you consummate that relationship you take the chemistry off stage and make private what was meant for the public. so that was that. anything more than friendship was never to be considered. and we did become fast friends. we spent a lot of time outside of the show and enjoyed our onstage romance.

    as the long run came to an end we were both talking about the possibility of the upcoming post-show blues (another topic you should explore!) and i told him about how after one great run i went on a vacation to mexico for a week and that seemed to do the trick. so we planned a trip. we invited other cast members but they declined.

    the show closed on february 13th and we left for mexico on valentine’s day. we came back a couple. this valentine’s day will be our anniversary. 13 years married and 19 years together.

    looking back, the run was a bit like the courtship of an arranged couple. and that trip was our honeymoon. and i couldn’t possibly be any happier with anyone else. so showmance, no. post show romance, what the hell? give it a try!