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Let there be spotlight Have you ever worked in a booth or done other theatre tech? Tell us here!

Cattle Call

Can you stand out from the herd? Have you been to a cattle call? What was it like? Tell us about it by joining the conversation!

Child Wrangler

Who will think of the children? Do you have a “child wrangler” story? Join the conversation!

Equity Deputy

Elect and serve Have you ever been an Equity Deputy on a show? Tell us here!

Fight Director Screencap

Let’s fight… but not really Do you have a “fight director” story? Join the conversation!

Hybrid Theatre

Where worlds collide! Do you have a “hybrid theatre” story? Join the conversation!

Rainbow Casting Screencap

Changing the Way We Look at Casting What does “rainbow casting” mean to you? Join the conversation!


My outfit has secrets! Have a quick change story? A different definition of rigged costumes? Join the conversation!


I love you… until Act Two. Do you have a “showmance” story? Join the conversation!

Table Read

The story is always changing… Do you have a “table read” story? Join the conversation!