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Let there be spotlight Have you ever worked in a booth or done other theatre tech? Tell us here!

Can you stand out from the herd? Have you been to a cattle call? What was it like? Tell us about it by joining the conversation!

Who will think of the children? Do you have a “child wrangler” story? Join the conversation!

Equity Deputy

Elect and serve Have you ever been an Equity Deputy on a show? Tell us here!

Let’s fight… but not really Do you have a “fight director” story? Join the conversation!

Where worlds collide! Do you have a “hybrid theatre” story? Join the conversation!

Changing the Way We Look at Casting What does “rainbow casting” mean to you? Join the conversation!

My outfit has secrets! Have a quick change story? A different definition of rigged costumes? Join the conversation!

I love you… until Act Two. Do you have a “showmance” story? Join the conversation!

The story is always changing… Do you have a “table read” story? Join the conversation! This video was made by The New Group. Featuring: Darren Goldstein, Alfredo Narciso, and The New Group staff Shot and cut by Brandon Suisse