Tag: F*It Club

A pain in the tech Have you ever been part of a 10 Out of 12 rehearsal? Tell us here!

Putting the ham in Hamlet… and lots of other shows Have you ever seen a famous performer totally overact on stage?

Clap, clap, clap your hands Have you ever suspected a few overenthusiastic audience members were ringers? Tell us here!

Equity Deputy

Elect and serve Have you ever been an Equity Deputy on a show? Tell us here!

Practice your punches Have you ever rehearsed a complicated fight scene? Tell us here!

Careful where you step Have you ever been in a theatre that was suddenly thrust into darkness? Tell us here!

Not all theatre is interactive Have you ever seen a performer shut down a heckler in a really memorable way? Tell us here!

Making it up as you go along Have you ever used improvisation as onstage or in real life? Tell us here!

Everything plus the kitchen sink Have you ever seen a particularly compelling kitchen sink drama? Tell us here!