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Where worlds collide! Do you have a “hybrid theatre” story? Join the conversation!

Come on and Kick Your Face! Do you know any dancers who can kick so high they can almost kick their own faces? Are you a dancer who can do that? Tell us about it here!

They’re not just part of your sensible dinner. Do you have a ‘peas and carrots’ story? Or a different definition? Join the conversation!

This is where it’s meant to be Have you ever seen a site-specific dance or theatre performance in a surprising space? Tell us here!

Point us in the right direction. Have you ever gotten confused by these directions? Join the conversation!

Workers unite (to take down the set!) What’s your favorite strike story? Have a different definition? Join the conversation!

Be careful not to break a leg What’s the most difficult stumble-through you’ve ever survived? Tell us here!

They’re always on the go! Have you had experience as a Theatre Gypsy? Tell us about it here!

This stage is in your space! Can you name some famous thrust stages throughout the world? Have you performed on a thrust stage yourself? Tell us about it here!

You’ve gotta get up to get down. What does Upstage/Downstage mean to you? Join the conversation!