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It’s 11 o’clock: Do you know where your showstoppers are? Can you name some 11 o’clock numbers from Broadway musicals? Have you performed in an 11 o’clock number yourself? Tell us about it here!

Character Shoe

Put on your dancin’ shoes! Have you used character shoes? What’s it like?Tell us here!

Cheating Out

Look over here! (Sort of!) Have you had an experience on stage with Cheating Out? Tell us about it here!


Well, that was different Are there any avant-garde shows that have made a big impression on you? Tell us here!

gypsy robe

It’s Broadway’s greatest fashion statement Have you seen a Gypsy Robe ceremony? Have you received the Gypsy Robe yourself? Tell us about it here!


Not all theatre is interactive Have you ever seen a performer shut down a heckler in a really memorable way? Tell us here!


Come on and Kick Your Face! Do you know any dancers who can kick so high they can almost kick their own faces? Are you a dancer who can do that? Tell us about it here!

Off-Off Broadway

Let’s get experimental! What does off-Off-Broadway theatre mean to you? Tell us here!

Performance Art

Is this sentence performance art? (Maybe!) What does performance art mean to you? Tell us here!

Theatre Gypsey

They’re always on the go! Have you had experience as a Theatre Gypsy? Tell us about it here!