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A pain in the tech Have you ever been part of a 10 Out of 12 rehearsal? Tell us here!

Practice your punches Have you ever rehearsed a complicated fight scene? Tell us here!

Careful where you step Have you ever been in a theatre that was suddenly thrust into darkness? Tell us here!

Wait for it… As a performer, have you ever been told to “hold” at a really awkward moment while rehearsing? Tell us here!

Making it up as you go along Have you ever used improvisation as onstage or in real life? Tell us here!

Let’s pick up the pace! Have you ever done a speed-through rehearsal? Tell us here!

Repeat after me Has a director or playwright ever given you a specific way of saying a line? Tell us here!

Be careful not to break a leg What’s the most difficult stumble-through you’ve ever survived? Tell us here!

Did you hear what the Stage Manager just said? How do you acknowledge a stage manager? Have you heard people say other things? Join the conversation!