Tag: theatre 101

black box

It’s essentially a magic box. Have you seen a show in a black box? Performed in one? Join the conversation!

Cattle Call

Can you stand out from the herd? Have you been to a cattle call? What was it like? Tell us about it by joining the conversation!

Development Hell

Many enter… not everyone leaves Have you worked on a play in Development Hell? Tell us about it here!


Not all theatre is interactive Have you ever seen a performer shut down a heckler in a really memorable way? Tell us here!

Off-Off Broadway

Let’s get experimental! What does off-Off-Broadway theatre mean to you? Tell us here!

play vs musical

What’s the difference, anyway? These are tricky terms to define. What would you add to our definitions? Join the conversation!

Triple Threat

She’s everything in one! Who are your favorite Triple Threats?Tell us here!


Ready, set, you’re on! Have you ever seen an understudy who particularly impressed you? Tell us here!


Hello! Over here! Have you ever seen an actor ruin a scene by egregiously grabbing all the attention? Tell us here!