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Ready or not, here the actors come! For performers, do you get nervous when the stage manager calls, “Places”? Tell us here!

Hide in plain sight Can you recall a particularly effective use of a scrim on stage? Tell us here!

Sides… they do more than come with your entree What are you best audition stories? Tell us here!

Be careful not to break a leg What’s the most difficult stumble-through you’ve ever survived? Tell us here!

Don’t speak! What’s your all-time favorite dialog-free musical? Tell us here!

They’re always on the go! Have you had experience as a Theatre Gypsy? Tell us about it here!

This stage is in your space! Can you name some famous thrust stages throughout the world? Have you performed on a thrust stage yourself? Tell us about it here!

It’s not as gross as it sounds. Have you ever been through a vom at a theatre or seen actors use one during a performance? What are some theatres that have vomitoria as part of their design? Tell us about it here!