Topic: Back Stage

Here kitty, kitty, kitty! Have you ever been on a catwalk at a theatre or seen the lighting or sound crew use a catwalk to hang lights or operate their equipment during a show? Tell us about it here!

Who will think of the children? Do you have a “child wrangler” story? Join the conversation!

Many enter… not everyone leaves Have you worked on a play in Development Hell? Tell us about it here!

We’re all in this together Do you have a “Devised Theatre” story? Join the conversation!

Helping hands Have you ever worked with a dramaturg? Tell us here!

Equity Deputy

Elect and serve Have you ever been an Equity Deputy on a show? Tell us here!

Equity Deputy

Welcome to the Theatre Dictionary’s conversation about the term Equity Deputy. On Equity Deputy’s official page, we have defined the term as “an Actors’ Equity cast member who is elected by the union company members in a show to act as the liaison between the performers and the union.” But now we want to know […]

And the Lord sayeth unto them, “Let’s take it from the top!” Has a stage manager ever commanded you to do something via the God Mic? Tell us here!

Careful where you step Have you ever been in a theatre that was suddenly thrust into darkness? Tell us here!

It’s Broadway’s greatest fashion statement Have you seen a Gypsy Robe ceremony? Have you received the Gypsy Robe yourself? Tell us about it here!